New Beginning

I feel I need to do something. I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a new passion that has been growing in my mind for some days now : cooking.
        I mean I love food, I love eating since always while neglecting this interest-- because I felt it was selfish towards the poors who die from hunger in third countries ? -- or perhaps since about 2 or 3 years ago I'm more concerned about my health and my physique I began to check calories, fat, proteins, etc I don't wanna gain bodyfat so I began training too, anyway, started to be more concerned about my appearance -- another reason may be I felt Eating just for pleasure is a sin -- eventhough I'm not catholic at all neither religious.
EDIT: food posts of recipes and stuff are not on this blog but on my other blog  here .
ANYWAY, here I am, cleared of all my hypothetic sins, free to do what I like at last. Here I am this morning in front of my computer, whishing this is not only good will but that I will actually DO this. I want to do stuff because it's the only thing that really matters. One can think all he wants, it's acts that count. For instance, don't only love animals, but don't eat them for Christ sake! One can say things, it doesn't change anything and it's nothing but words. Like one can say that only one person cannot change anything in the world. WRONG. Be the change you wish to see in the world. (Gandhi said that?). It's not true that being vegan doesn't saves lives and that one person isn't enough because : one person that stops eating meat saves the life of 100 animals per year! So basically that's over 800 animals I've been saving so far in 8 years, don't tell me that's nothing. All this just by eating delicious dishes such as featured on those links to the right. 

what I want to do here is to recussitate this blog (eventhough it never was really born neither really lived) and write interesting stuff about my life or things I like in life. 

My interests/passions are : in this order : Me, Arts, Sports, Food (vegan ;). Of course, above all: Life, and all that it involves ::: travelling, knowing me better and the others. 

ME (espescially since I'm vegan (since 2008 -- I was vegeterian for 8 years before that -- I love being vegan, I love myself since I'm vegan, I love other vegans, and I love vegan foods !! I think everybody who claim things without knowing what they're talking about should at least TRY veganism and see for themselves -- one cannot know before EXPERIENCING it. 
Of course I'm passionate about other things than this. I can be passionately in love with someone -- someone else than me, but it's been quite a long time since it happened now. I love ARTS -- especially photography and cinema. And those two things are actually the only two things I'd like to work in to make some money. About arts, I love the idea of expressing emotions. I like -- even feel the need to -- express myself through CREATIVITY through arts like taking pictures, painting, making films. I have no talent for making music though I really enjoy listening to it. I need to get more serious about the act of creations -- films and photos -- to make more professional work of arts because until today it's just trials and mistakes, experiments and not even good experiments. Maybe going to University or some special intensive classes in Filmmaking or Photography wouldn't be a very bad idea to get started. Oh yeah and I like wirting too, as you can see. Writing novels, essays (on nutrition, sports, etc) and screenplays, I'd love to do that as a way to earn cash! Or just travelling with an iBook and blogging about the cities I visit, places I discover, people I meet, etc.
I also love SPORTS. It's another way of expressing oneself, but through the body. With mediation, yoga, energy passing through the body, transforming energy. Or actually really create matter (muscles -- like a sculpter) with BODYBUILDING. Visit vegan
I have a special interest in MARTIAL ARTS too. Bruce Lee. I shall begin to practice kung-fu, mui thai and other martial arts. Perhaps Judo  too, and Jeet-Kune Do.
I love especially bodyweight training because it's natural and no equipment needed... I have a thing for MINIMALISM, in life (simplicity, no stress-- to me simplicity is perfection) but espescially in the absence of materialism, low consumption. I want the minimum amount of objects possible. I don't want to own anything except myself and the minimal stuff -- clothes, maybe a portable computer, a car to travel -- things to be autonomous, independant, self-sufficient... free.

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