Fuck modernity

Ranting live, listening to : Death And All His Friends, by Coldplay.  Sorry my "Enter" on my keyboard don't work anymore...  Just a little rant about life, my perception of it, at least right now. I know how most people behave, how people think. They don't think. They take their car to go to the village 1 mile away to go shopping, then take his car to go 10 meters away to another store! I've seen it with my one eyes, while I was walking and arriving before him at the same stores. I guess it's not their fault, it's how they've been raised. Too much mathematics and numbers in schools, not enough arts, yoga, meditation, creativity and physical activity. Too much bureaucracy in life, too much politics, economy, speculations, people are brainwashed, braindead by medias. Too much destruction, diseases, war. Not enough freedom, health,  peace, love, creation, nature.  Fuck modernity -- Long live to Life. 

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