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So since 2 days I'm feeling hyperactive, because I finally got my life back. Found a job - a shitty one though - new place to stay - shitty too. But its a new life and I'm enthousiastic about it.

Since I moved in an hotel room in downtown, I have so much energy, mostly because I finally stay at my own place (well not completly, because its just an hotel room - and a cheap one and ugly one - but its better than when I was staying at my father's place, where I couldn't function at all - couldn't even make phone calls to find an appartment -- so I went in this hotel -- or search for as job -- but I found one luckily), and its in Montreal downtown, right between the Metropolis and Foufounes Electriques, so I just go out in the street and I'm already right there where everybody is shopping and walking, all the buildings, bars etc, I can go by walking to the gym, to the library, etc without even the need to take the bus or subway. Its funny, because I now live in downtown, I feel like I'm rediscovering the city, I feel like a tourist in my own city where I was born in and where I lived all my life, and I even feel like I felt when I was visiting New York city. So as soon as the night starts around here, we constantly hear the traffic, police sirens or the fire department trucks, people from the bars, etc. Crazy.
This is a shitty hotel - kind of like the place in Taxi Driver's final scene - with the ugliest carpet I've ever seen, but its ok. There's a tv, queen size bed, wi-fi, window, small fridge (which is not even in the room yet, but I asked for it).. and nothing else, which is good because I like minimalism and simplicity, my vision of perfection.
Anyways, this month I'll go to work, go on internet, take photos, train in the gym and in the room, eat a lot, I'll see some friends, go out sometimes at the movies, bars, etc.
I must save some cash to buy a new Mac laptop and pro digital camera. My goals for a near future are to become a pro photographer and filmmaker.
I want to study massaging too for one year, but this will cost a lot.
I want to travel to Europe again, in Finland, Paris, Berlin, Bruges, etc. Also, in the summer, maybe one week to Cuba or somewhere else in South America, its pretty cheap for a full package -- plane tickets, beach, hotel, food.


From Hanna on Facebook

"The standard diet of a meat-eater is blood, flesh, veins, muscles, tendons, cow secretions, hen periods and bee vomit. And once a year during a certain holiday in November, meat-eaters use the hollowed out rectum of a dead bird as a pressure cooker for stuffing. And people think vegans are weird because we eat tofu?"

I agree. People are fucking crazy.


Those Internet providers, in Canada its companies like Bell and Videotron, they get Internet free and then they sell it, right ? Or do they pay something to the state ? I guess its like the companies that take water for free and then they sell it in bottles, making a fortune out of a free ressource that everybody/nobody owns. Like Internet, water, air, land, etc.

Here in Quebec I often hear in the news they talk about this new thing to make pay in airplane for using the restroom. What's so special about it, people already need to pay for WC in whole Europe so why not in planes too ? Both on land and in planes are ridiculous - why making people pay just to shit or piss; we already pay taxes and we pay for all kinds of services, and for food, etc... then soon we will have to pay for breathing and walking ? It is the airline Ryanair (which I used twice last month) that wants to make people pay for their shitty bathrooms, probably very small and not luxury at all (their airplanes look shitty : the seats, seatbelts, etc), the president of the company says its to make tickets less expensive. I dont understand his logic. THey also want to ask politely to the passengers to go to the bathroom before entering the plane, so that people will weight less and the company will save on fuel. They would save more money if they would refuse obese passengers !

GM Canada received 50 million dollars from the government and still this company says they are still in danger. Oh really and how much do they need ? In the US they got a total of like 4 billions $ I think. They say they are essential to the country. Sorry but a company that needs 50 millions or more to survive is not a good company at all. They say they are bankrupted and they lower the salaries of the employees (which were paid too much, sometimes 70$ per hour) but the CEO's are still taking hundreds of thousands or millions $ per year for themselves. Not a company: thieves; and a plague to the country and to the citizens, like a parasite that never wants to die or a cancer. With this money, imagine all the brillant new companies that young entrepreneurs would have been able to start and would have been profitable to the economy of the country. Also, this money to universities and research would have been very useful. But no, the governement decided to obey to the ridiculous demands of these assholes and then nothing new comes up while this money would have been enough to produce an outstanding new model of electric car. GM and other retarded car contructors of the past are still building SUVs, 4x4 and minivans with oil burning.


We always see ads for milk and dairies on tv telling us we dont consume enough of it and that its dangerous, concerning osteoporosis for instance... Most people drink milk everyday at least with their cereals or at least they eat cheese or yogurt, but the milk industry will always tell us its not enough. Truth is even if you drink 20 gallon of milk each day they will tell you its not enough and you will still be at risk to get osteoporosis; in fact, the more you drink milk the more your chances will increase. So dont drink even a drop of milk or cheese and get your calcium from plant-based foods instead.



About the swine flue vaccine and the so-called ''pandemic'', some people think they need it, brainwashed by the medias... We know about 4,000 different viruses... you should get a vaccine for each one of those, otherwise you're in great danger ! ...right ?

One victim of the vaccine: nobody talked about it because I'm the only one who seemed to have understood (or the others keep it secret): the medias said a woman died of the h1n1 a few days after being vaccinated; they said the vaccine was not related to death because it takes about 10 days for the vaccine to take effect. When they say ''the vaccine is not related to her death'' they see the vaccine as something innoffensive. Let me show you the other side of the vaccine: she was already infected by the virus when she got a shot of the vaccine: this is what caused her death, because her immune system was already fighting something, and then they injected into her body the same virus and adjuvants, which weakened her body, she has been unable to win over the virus, while for most people it is not a problem.

A hundred nurses, doctors and other workers of an hospital in Montreal got a shot of the wrong vaccine. In fact, they received doses of H1N1 vaccines which contained twice too much the amount of adjuvants, an error that happened at the facility where it is produced. So they will have received in total 3 times more adjuvants than the others who got the vaccine, which already contains 10 times more adjuvants than all prior types of vaccines.


It was called the SWINE flue and should have remain the same but they changed it for A (H1N1) because the pig farmers were mad. Like the avian flue, the swine flue came from intensive farming: overpopulation of chickens spread the virus so it had years to mutate into a strain able to break the specie barrier to humans. Now, the same happened with pigs. KARMA. Pandemics (#1 threat to the total extinction of the human specie) are the price to pay for domesticating animals 10,000 years ago. The meat and dairy industry are also the culpit for food intoxications: E.Coli, Salmonella and other dangerous bacterias all come from one comon thing: excrements of farm animals. We throw it where there is some space, which is anywhere they can find: on the soil, in our rivers, etc; the rest serve as manure to fertilize the soil to grow vegetables and grains, corn and soy (most of it goes to feed cattle...). So we end up with contaminated meat or milk, cheese, but also contaminated fruits, lettuce, spinach, vegetables, processed food... always consequences of meat-eating. It will never end until people stop eating meat, meat full of shit.

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