Travel Diary II


Arrived around the 13th. Met Hanna in a café, she's the reason why I come to Finland -- and she's the main reason of this whole trip. When I think about it now, there were many situations where I would have asked myself if it wasn't of her: ''what the hell am I doing here, in this foreign country, this big city, in the middle of millions of strangers?'' but Hanna exists so I rarely asked myself this question or when I did I just started to think about her and I was fine, otherwise I would have felt a bit lost and this whole trip would be pointless or would seem like it.
Anyway its great that since I arrived I visited Tampere, Helsinki and Espoo and met many Finns (Hanna's friends). Eventhough the time we spent together wasn't perfect, its still great, thank you Hanna:) Kiss. Nothing's perfect anyway, things happen and that's how it is.
So we went to a vegan buffet, was really good. (When I'll be back in Mtl, I'll definitley go to that similar vegan joint which I never been because I thought I wouldn't like it). We went many times for a walk with the dog, a lovely dog named Tessa, always to different spots so that I see different things of Finland, like a lake, or an abandoned mansion. Those walks were great, thank you Hanna..



Midnight, night of the 16th-17th of September (which day are we ? I don't even know).
I'm in a bar, cool place, in Finland. Nice place to chill out; called Ravintola Artturi - Ruoka & Baari. Probably much better (for me or at least at this moment) than this nightclub that I saw not far away and that had a long line-up just to enter. Had a big glass of beer, shot a small video, nice decoration, great music. Most songs are in English though; I like Finn music. Just chilling out, writing ideas for movies to make. There,s even old Finnish books on a shelve and some old artifacts. I took some Finn vintage magazines and books for kids with illustrations because I can't understand a darn word in Finnish of course.
i'm here alone because I had a little problem with Hanna earlier. We were supposed to go in town together but because I was taking time (a matter of minutes or seconds) she decided to just go. It would have been fine as for I went out 20 seconds after her to go catch the bus but I took the wrong path and then it was too late. Came back to take my stuff and took the bus. Its better like this maybe. As I always say: nothing happens for nothing. I don't like so much waiting in the morning that she wakes up, and then she writes emails for hours or send text messages. She has the right to do whatever she wants, its just that I dont have bus tickets or money to go in town and come back later, I felt kinda in a situation I where I can't move. I should have just go walking in the woods and explore. And this whole thing of having no cash, just a credit card, is stupid from me, and created some tensions between me and her as she had to pay for my tickets. But the worst is that Heini girl who decided to bitch about Hanna on the web just when I'm in Finland visiting and Hanna had to spend hours arguing with her, so I wa slike: 'I want to spend every minute with you beauty, you're so lovely and cute, I kind of like you, I like to just massage your feet and your legs and 2 feel your skin but you're there writing stuff on the internet and then you,re stressed and can't find your breathe.' ... Anyways, I'm not here to complain or whatever, I just needed to express my feelings; things happen, what's done is none, its the past and now I'm here.
I'm here now in that bar in Finland. NOthing so extraordinary but if I stop to think about it: hey, I'm in Finland, in a bar, who would have thought just a few months ago, back in Quebec. Its still pretty special. And I'll be in other cities and countries of the world soon. I hope I can travel many times in the future. So I'm here now and I think about her because she's a nice girl, very lovely. I hope at least I'll see her again before I leave the country... Of course I will; why wouldn't I?... She's a lovely girl.
The song ''No Woman No Cry'' by Bob Marley is playing in the bar, great song and I just listen to it, doing nothing else. So true, what he says in the song. At least I feel like this at the moment.

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