I was walking outside, haven't seen the nature for a while I was in the city for months and months but now being in the nature for few days it revealed and showed something to me. I was walking in the cold, the snow, it is very humid and with a cold wind and it was even raining, the road is icy, but I wasn't even feeling the cold, I was warm. Or the cold that I wss feeling on my skin was soft. I was feeling really fine and while I was walking I was almost meditating, Life is about creation and destruction, its energy. To live and die. But cruelty and to kill by madness has no place in this world, that is why I decided to pray while I was walking, sometimes by closing my eyes, to pray for peace to all animals and humans and all living beings. And I was thinking about many things, everything but at the same time nothing. In plenitude, and in harmony with the trees around me and the snow falling down and the snow on the ground, in osmosis with everything. Thinking about my life and the paths that awaits me... All the things that surrounds me and my life... I could see energy from my mind in the form of a fire coming alive in my creativity, with flames of very intense colors. And visualizations of lightnings of artistic energy that I want to express, but positive and negative emotions that I don't want to keep in myself but want to create and transform with it. And was thinking about Marta. She's a wonderful woman, I don't want her to think she's like the others. She's so much than that to me, I want her to know that I think about her and that she is very important to me.

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