In Kaboul, a bottle of wine costs more than enough heroin to suply a junkie for one full day.
There's some catacombs filled with semi-conscious junkies who lie down like zombies when they're not taking their drugs. The tv journalists say that there is an horrible smell made of the sweet odor of burned opium mixed with the odor of human excrements.
After a while the junkies are a bit bothered by the presence of the camera and they begin to talk louder:

"My life is a disaster"
"You make money and we smoke this poison"

After heroin and cocain, opium is really easy to find in Afghanistan because it is produced in large amounts from the near countries.
There is also new "drug" very popular over there: the toxic skin of a frog which when smoked is hallucinogenic.

There is 60,000 kids addicted to heroin in Afghanistan. A 12 year old girl who's nick name is Blue Angel has been addicted to heroin for half her life, since the age of 6 year old; her mother was supplying her the drug. Now at the age of 13 she's finally cured and she jokes about getting married and she wants to go to school.


In Columbia, the traffic of cocain is huge since many decades. But now Mexico is even bigger. The state arrested 40,000 drug dealers and producers. Seized 8,000 tons of marijuana, 67 tons (not sure of this number, I forgot, it may be more) of cocain, etc...

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