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100 million tons of plastic in the sea and in fish
The scientist Charles Moore discovered a while ago that there is tons of tiny pieces of plastic  floating in the Atlantic. This is due to all the plastic used in society, all the plastic bags, drink bottles  and all kind of containers we throw away in rivers, it's then ripped in tiny pieces  in streams against stones or with errosion due to sunlight. It all end up in the ocean, tiny pieces (1-3 mm) or some larger (few cm) found in the stomach of fish. The explorer Marcus Eriksen fished a tuna he wanted to eat, he opened it and he found 14 different pieces of plastic in it. He didn't eat the fish. There is 100 million tons of plastic in the Atlantic between Japan and Hawaï. Those fragments of plastic float right under the surface of water, so it is visible from a boat, but not from satelitte photographies. 

OBESITY: a man was too large to fit in the prison cell so he got released.

MafiaBoy, a 15 years old kid living in Montreal, became the biggest hacker of the history of Internet when in year 2000 he invented a system to overload a target, Then he did the samething on other big websites: CNN, eBay, etc... 1,7 billion $ in damage... He was proud and said to lot of people he was the author, so after a while he got caught. 8 months in a correction center for kids.
Fraud on the web, like stealing personal informations and credit card numbers is huge, as much as drug traffic.
Credit card numbers are sell online and you can buy one for only 1$, or a cc number with complete infos of the owner for only 5$.
Russian mafia decided to specialize on internet and they became cyber criminals.
Cyber wars between countries: to attack all the systems and infrastructure of the ennemy. Wars of the future ? It already happened. Russia attacked Estonia. Someone attacked Estonia's government and its economy, paralysed the banks, tv, newspapers, phones, etc.
United States once feared that Russia could make a cyber attack, but now they suspect China to make cyber spying. Not only companies, but also countries - the governement and secret agencies recruit experimented hackers.
The worm Storm is invisible until it attacks. The identity of its creator is still unknown, and we still ignore what is the purpose of this worm. But when it will attack, it could be huge, since it is in millions of computers now, forming an immense network, waiting... and we don't know when it will decide to strike.
8 years later, MafiaBoy says he could do it easily again, he says Internet is not safer than before, it's worse.

Brian Sinclair died in a hospital after waiting 34 hours in the emergency room without recieving any service. The administrator of the hospital said that Sinclair never went to the triage desk to register his arrival and to ask for help, but then a security video footage proved he was wrong and he admitted he was wrong.  Sinclair was a homeless person, which may explain why he has been left aside and victim of prejudice.

There is 35 millions  debris in orbit around planet Earth, due to all rockets sent into space over the years.

Arvin, San Francisco, CA. The most polluted town of United States. The air is so polluted that there is over 100 days of smog per year and a high % of population is asthmatic. 

Water in the region of Bruxelle is highly polluted. The freshwater of  our planet is endangered, polluted by nitrates from intensive agriculture, especially due to the meat industry. 
Fish from Rhone is prohibited to consumption. 

United States spent 750 billion $ in 8 years to finance the war in Irak and Afghanistan.
For every dollar invested in development assistance in the world, there is 17 dollars for military expenditures, half of it from the U.S.
With only 1 million dollar we can nourrish 5,800 children for 1 year in Malawi, or pay the salary of 1160 teachers during 1 year in Ouganda.

The Lyme disease is now in Quebec, Canada. Larva have been found in a deer fly just recently, but many people have suffered from it already some years ago. Very hard to find doctors and medications for this in Quebec because it's new. Climate changes and all that made possible for insects and diseases from South to be able to move and survive in Northern areas.

A 12 yeard old girl sue her dad in court. The father surprised his daughter on the net browsing some porn websites. For punishment he cancelled the trip she was supposed to make with school. The young girl talked about it to her mother (custody) and they both initiated prosecutions

Americans often see Chinese as a nation who is too severe on punishement. But truth is that only 1,2% of Chinese population, which is 1,3 billion people, is in jail, while there is 7,7% prisoners for 300 million Americans. So the pourcentage of prisoners is much higher in United States.

Ethanol production is dangerous for quality of fresh water in the world, due to the huge quantities of water, pesticides, insecticides and toxic fertilizers to produce astronomical quantities of grains for fueling cars. W. Bush wanted to increase ethanol to 130 billion litres in ten years (6 times more than in 2006). Corn is #1 grain used to make ethanol, but it is also the type of cereal which require the most fertilizers and pesticides.
Study from EPA.

Milk could be the cause to hyperactivity in kids, shows a recent Norwegian study. Professors and doctors named Knivsberf, Noedland and Fosse, from Stavanger University in Norway, tried the lactose free diet on several kids suffering AD/HD (attention deficit and hyperactive disorder) and positive results appeared on the first day, they become more calm and can concentrate and study better; the kids who kept with the diet were able to have much better results at school than before.
Scientist Karl Ludvig Reichelt studied this subject for a long time and arrived to the conclusion that undigested peptids of casein (milk proteins) can have the same effects on the brain than opium does. Many studies show a connection between autism, schizophrenia and the non-disintegration of milk proteins. Many kids are lactose intolerant and this problem may cause certain behavioral disorders. But we must not belive that milk is the cause to all cases of Attention Deficit among all kids.

But, to end on a happier note (kind of)... Canadian artist Leonard Cohen donated 200,000$ to help the victims of the fires that hit Australia. Cohen is in tour in Australia this week.This is very nice of him, knowing that not so long ago he was bankrupt after his record manager has been stealing millions $ of him, so Leonard HAD TO DO this world tour, it wasn't a choice. He's now over 70 years old but still very active, after a dozen of successful records.

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