Disparate brings dissonance, osmosis brings harmony

Recently a cardiologist killed his 2 kids and then attempted suicide. His wife was out skiing for the week-end. When she came back she had no more kids. The cardiolog was an expert about heart but knew nothing about the mind, he didn't know he was depressed and he killed his kids... The cardiologist failed to kill himself with drug overdose and ended up at the same hospital he was working to, but his own hospital didn't want him so he was sent to another one.
This kind of things happens a lot here in Quebec: someone (usually a man - but often a mother too) kills all the kids before killing himself. Why ? Why can't you just kill yourself and leave the kids alone ? Marc Lepine shot 20 female students in 1989 at Montreal polytechnique... People lost touch with themselves. People don't live in a holistic way anymore, They don't gather all the facets of their own human being, body and mind, and they are disconnected from reality as well as the society and the other living beings around them, so when just one part fails to work properly, all their mind breaks, instead of repairing it with all the tools around them. But they are too weak to act on themselves only, because they all still connected to their own pathetic, material, insignificant life, so they need to remove another part, the most important one, of their own life : their kids; only after this they stop to exist and don't have any reason to continue on living so they commit suicide.

So nowadays people lost touch with the holistic aspect of life and everything is specialized. One studies the science of heart and knows nothing about the rest of human body. Another one knows feet. Another one about the health of teeth but not about the health of the whole body. Another specializes in reproductive organs... Doctors know about diseases, treatments, drugs, medicine and why we die but know nothing about health and how to stay healthy, they don't know anything about good nutrition.
Scientists say hot peppers are healthy because there is good molecules in it. But what about the other molecules ? And even dieteticans are playing the card of separating everything instead of looking at things as a whole. Take iron, Vitamin C, E, D, A, eat calcium, eat omega-3, zinc, magnesium...
NO : eat almonds, eat oranges, eat figs, dates, etc... We have dieteticians promoting alcohol consumption claiming it reduce cardio-vascular diseases, telling us to drink 1-2 cups of red wine everyday like alcoholics, and then after many years studies show that this doesn't have much benefits, not more than eating better, or regular physical activity. And then a recent study by the American National Cancer Institute (NCI) on 180,000 women says that women drinking those 1-2 drink of alcohol per day have 32% higher risks to developp breast cancer, and 50% increase for 3 drinks or more. Good for the heart and bad for the breasts ?? BAD FOR HEALTH !!!
Stop dissect everything, stop removing everything to keep just one thing, because it doesn't work like this. Synergy is essential to life. The universe is a whole, life is part of universe, we're part of the universe, and if you remove just one thing everything else will colapse.
Barack Obama's phrase "Yes We Can". Sure, but to be done, someone must do it. And only one person is not enough. Obama didn't say "Yes I can". The WE is of primary importance, it is everybody who must act in order to make things change.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

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