Human and Animal

Our anatomy differs from carnivores and herbivores, moreover we're almost identical to anthropoid apes, such as bonobos, our closest cousin.

So let's compare humans with frugivores (anthropoid apes):

both have same shape of placenta.
Both have 2 hands and 2 feets.
No tail.
Eyes look in the front.
Skin have millions of pores.
No long or sharp teeth.
Same dental formula:
Well developped saliva glands.
Saliva & urine are alkaline (when eating the right diet).
Soft tongue.
Tits are on the chest.
Stomach with second part, with low acid gastric juices.
«Notched» colon.
Intestine 12x the lenght of the body.
Live of fruits and nuts.

I'm not even talking about DNA similarities, which doesn't give any information on the similarities of the ideal diet of different species, since DNA is very similar between completely different species. For instance: even plants and trees have a very similar DNA to humans, as well as prehistoric animals. That's because recent species carry the DNA of all the species behind, but those chromosones are disactivated. But if we compare monkeys with tails, their DNA is less identical to us; if we compare chimps, a bit more identical. But apes like bonobos have a DNA 97% identical to us.

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