I'm living in an apartment with many students, we all have our own room, of course I'm the only vegan. There's one especially who cook meat every night, like cook it a lot, because of course he wouln't like to eat this shit raw or just half-cooked, but there's no ventilation system over the stove and he wouldn't think about opening the window when it's -20 degrees celcius outside. So what results of burning animal corpses everynight is an odor of burned meat almost 24/7 and now it's even going in my room, like a deep fog or smoke of death or interior smog. As I'm breathing now, I can smell those carcinogenic molecules and feel them irritating my nostrils and entering my body. I became really sensitive to such pollution after not eating it for years now, and it's the exact samething with cigarettes. Even when someone smokes OUTSIDE and I just cross this person for half a second, this little cloud of toxic smoke intoxicates me a lot, way more than when I was smoking 10 cigarettes per day! I say cigarettes and all kind of voluntary and involuntary pollution should be illegal, prohibited and abolished! I know it's sad for the smokers who really enjoy ruining their lungs and body and to do the same to others who breathe the secondary smoke, and some will say it would be against their freedom to not let them smoke cigarettes anymore, but it's for their good and for others too.


Anonymous said...

Still, don't get how there's no more attention to this amazing person and amazing blog

To add to the subject

10,000 persons dies in the US by passive smoking.

Must be really shitty to know that with your habit you've been killing your friends / siblings huh?

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Thanx for reading and for writing a comment. I wish more people would do so.