What veganism is to me

It's about doing good to me and around me.
It's about not harming myself, and not doing any bad to others.

When I'm hungry I'm naturally atracted by fresh fruits, like an apple or some strawberries, that will satisfy my hunger, my physiological needs, my desire for flavors and good tastes. Fruits are sweet and delicious.

I eat this because I want to.
I could eat meat if I wanted to. But I don't want to.
Why would I want to eat animals. Why would I need to put corpses and carcasses into my body? Who needs this? Nobody.

People force babies to eat meat. All babies are reluctant to meat.That's all natural. Offer an apple and a piece of meat, the baby will always choose the apple. That's a proven experiment that every parent can try at home.

Man has no claws, sharp teeths; nothing particularly agressive about the human body, we don't have a predator body. We don't have a killer instinct neither; unlike wolves and tigers, we're not natural born killers. Therefore we need weapons to hunt and kill, fire to cook. Man came before the axe or other tools, he couldn't have been omnivore or carnivore.
Fruits were on the planet way before tools. We couln't eat meat at the beginning. Because of climatic reasons and the impossibility to find anything that grows in trees or on the ground, at some times and some places, men needed to eat animal flesh in order to survive. Man is an opportunist animal, who will eat what it finds, anything which is edible, that's the survival instinct.
When man had a more developped brain, he invented agriculture, with more and more complex systems, there was always food available, and he ate less and less meat. There was no need to go hunt or kill. Larger societies formed, with poors and rich people. Meat reappeared in the diet, on the menu of the rich. 10kg of the food of the poor is needed to produce only 1 kg of food for the rich.

Today it's a big mistake to eat meat. People say that we always have been eating meat. Man made many mistakes during the history of mankind. One of them was to eat animals when there was other choices. Now it's getting worse and worse. Let's not perpetrate ad nauseam the mistakes of our past, but learn from the mistakes. Evolve.

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