The Many Contradictions About Meat-Eaters

Here's just a few of the many contradictions in their stupid arguments. 
Often they contradicts with eachothers, often they will even contradict with themselves, always trying to oppose what's proven as a fact and evidency. 
Those who say it's impossible should not interrupt those who are doing it.
(author unknown)
So there's this guy, let's call him Johnny, who says he tried raw veganism for a couple of months. He says his health started to decrease dangerously, losing weight, etc.

Then he abandoned veganism completely to eat strictly animal products, raw. (What kind of vegan does that?!). Raw meat, raw eggs, raw milk, raw butter, raw cream. He claims he does this because it's the most normal, healthy and natural thing to do.
He says:
"I say a vegan diet is deficient because it is. There are no quality fat soluble vitamins which are abundant in butter, organ meats, and other animal fats. "

Yeah, as if products as fat as butter and cream were foods found in nature.  What vitamins is he talking about, A, D, E? There are very little vitamins in animal products; just some vitamin A in butter, which is not even a natural product, and too fatty. On the other hand, there's so many vitamins and minerals in fuits and greens that I often score between 250-500% of the daily values, clearly showing that those ridiculous recommandations were designed for a deficient diet. Just one poor carrot is already 250% of DV ! One head of romaine lettuce (600g) is 726% Vitamin A, 250% Vit. C, and 800% Vit. K, all this, for only 100 calories. Now in which animal products is there Vitamin C and K is sufficient amount, as well as all the other vitamins? Eggs have some, but go ahead, 4 eggs is already 300% of cholesterol. You should rather go fo avocado, sesame seed, almond or other nuts, broccoli, spinach, carrot, guava, cherries or other berries. Go ahead, compare those with meat, butter, etc... Go on and see which contains vitamins and minerals, and which contains none, but saturated fats and cholesterol.

"I've eaten beef I let rot in a jar for over a year... Yeah, it was rotten, really rotten. Didn't get sick."

That's good, Johnny Rotten, you are truly mentally illed.

Yeah, I heard a story like his, about a woman who left an article on the web, she mentioned similar symptoms, and the only things she mentioned about her vegan diet, was that she often fringed for rice cakes with vegan margarine on them. Then she blames veganism. Good for you, and good riddance, go back to your meat, vegans don't need you at all!

So here come the contradictions: 

Some will say "be a man, eat some meat", referring to the cavemen, I guess. Yeah, sorry, even if I don't like modern times so much, I prefer this than being a retarded cro-magnon eating raw meat in his cavern. Anyway, I guess they refer also to the act of killing the animal, which of course they avoid to do, paying mercenaries in slaughterhouses to have the job done for them. And the only persons who stay longer than a week working as an employee in a slaughterhouse are deranged psychopaths, or just stupid.
So some will say that we always ate meat...Then some others will say that we ate only fruits at the beginning, then it's only a few milleniums ago that we started to eat more meat, and that is responsible for the evolution of our brain to what we are now.

Some will say that vegan foods have too much calories, like nuts and all that, compared to yogurt, skimmed milk, lean meat, etc. Wrong, a vegan diet is perfect because you can find a large variety of foods, with different macros.  Fruits and veggies will always rule when it comes to fat loss, being the most calorie-low, high nutrients foods available...  Then some will say that vegan foods are not calorie dense and that someone on a vegan diet will automatically lose weight. Well, what meat or animal products are calorie dense except butter?? If you want to gain weight, eat some pastas, potatoes, rice, bagels, or even vegan junk food like chips, chocolate, or raw foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, bananas, dates; this is the most calorie dense food on the planet. If you lose weight, that's either because you're too fat, or because you don't eat enough, or not well enough. There's many skinny meat-eaters out there, and many morbid obese meat-eaters too. Most vegans are just fine. But there are some who are skinny, some are fat. 

Here's another guy who tried veganism but came back to meat, and only animal products, fearing fruits and veggies, but contradicting himsel:

"I tried and tried to be raw vegan and vegetarian to the point I was physically ill." ... "The diet made me deteriorate into a horrible condition. My body screamed for beef and cream. I ignored it till the point my hair fell out, my joints and muscles were in constant pain, and had constant lethargy." ... "This is my experience of myself. I don't care about what anyone anywhere eats. This is just my story of being raw vegan for 6 months. As far as what I ate when I was on the raw vegan diet, raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds. "

He changed completely his discours, and agreed with me when I told him that I have so much energy on a vegan diet that I always move, doing long endurance rides, or strength exercices, and I need less than 5 hours of sleep...

"I was already 100% raw vegan. I too had to bicycle 500-700kms a week when I was a raw vegan because I was SO STRESSED from consuming so much fresh fruit. The energy was horribly inconsistent and I had dramatic fluctuations of energy and fatigue. I also HAD TO eat a meal every hour. I was always hungry. It was clear that my constant hungry was that I was not getting what I needed from the diet. "

Well, I have all the energy, without the fatigue periods, except when I'm tired and go to sleep. It's been 5 years of "vegetarianism", with fish, cheese, yogourt, some eggs, but no milk. God I hated to eat those, but I was forcing myself to. And I did not have the energy that I have now, after one year of veganism (nor had I as an omni). But I was doing exercices too as an omni and as vegetarian, stress has nothing to do with that.
...How the hell is it possible to be stressed from fruits? They're the most relaxing foods on Earth, full of vitamins, antioxydants, anti-stress. Meat is stress, stress from the slaughtered animal, and stress to the body who then needs to deal with that rotten piece of corpse. Constant stress for the immune system trying to heal the organism after each time a pice (even a small one) or meat, fish, milk, whatever, is swallowed and enters the body like a billion of viruses installing cancer. 

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, I don't need to drink water, except if I do lots of endurance training. Fruits and greens : 70% water and more. Just like the planet. Just like our bodies. That should give you a hint. I don't need to drink the toxic tap water from cities, or worst, from suburbias, or the spring water at 2$ per plastic bottle. Now who on a non-vegan diet can do this? If you eat only raw meat, like some freaks do, the muscles from meat contains lots of water, which is not removed by cooking. But not enough, and you would still need to drink lots of water, to help your organism and kidney to deal with the metabolism and metabolytes of all those animal proteins.

So, some say that the Bible prone veganism, others say not. Some say Jesus was vegetarian, some others say he ate fish and lamb. Who cares? Some say that Einstein was vegetarian, while he wasn't. Some others say Hitler was vegetarian, while he wasn't. Which meat-eater will admit that eating meat involves the act of killing, and that it is judged immoral, and is one of the Ten Commandments, "thou shalt not kill".  I personally don't care about religion and what the Bible says. But if some people have faith in those writings but act the opposite way... well I hope they know where they will go burn, just like the hundreds of animal corpses they burned all their life! ahah. The Ten Commandments were written by men, not god. It is a good guideline to follow, in order to honour Life. Some people just don't care. So the modern, perverted men, changed the Ancient writing; in the New Testament, we now see "you shall not murder", to permit the killing of other creatures than humans... technically : speciesm.  

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