Modern World

I fuckin hate Modernity.
Lmost every aspects and details of it makes me swear bad words, shouting "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" even in the middle of Nature where normally I would be quiet and calm and serene. But I can't relax because there's always something modern somewhere no matter where we go. Like noise from cars or pollution, or our even the clothes we wear.
I'm writting this because I was cycling today. It's a modern road bike (even if it's over 10 years old and alreay parcoured over 300 000 km), with modern equipment. Thing is that MODERN STUFF SUCKS. It always brakes. It's made to brake after a limited time, so we need to repair it. But we don't wanna repair it, because most of times it's simpler and cheaper to buy a new one. So EVERTHING IS DESIGNED TO EXPIRE AFTER A SHORT TIME, to be replaced after a short period of time, so we constantly buy new things to make the economy wheel keep turning.
Before, things were made more simple, with good quality, lasting 10 times longer. Today, people buy things at 1$ stores and throw it away after few days then buy a new one.

I fuckin bought an odometer for my bike a few weeks ago, and I even bought one of the models at 55$ instead of the ones at 20$, just to make sure it lasts longer... But guess what, after less than a month of use, it's already defectious, and I don't even have the copy of the bill any more, and even if I had it, I couldn't get a refund because I'm in another city than the store I bought the thing. So now I'm at the starting point, without a tool to measure the distance I'm cycling this season, and 60$ less in my pockets.

Also, everything is falling apart on this fuckin bike, every piece, every screw needs to be fixed. The pedals and shoes are making noise every 2 seconds. The gears are changing when I don't want to, so in the middle of a hill, it goeas one gear up and I fuckin shout "FUCK!" while climbing.

This whole modern world is crazy. It's like 40 Celcius outside, but I see people eating their greasy French fries, with cheeseburger, poutine, pizza, it smells ketchup and vinegar when I pass by the terasse of a restaurant and I see big fat guys and unhealthy families with their kids eating those foods. I mean, don't they ever take a break from this shit - from their more-winter nutrition... don't they ever eat fruits or grean salads, even during summer?? And coffe and cigarettes while it's so hot outside, so fucking disgusting that it gives headaches.

MODERNITY, new technologies... People that are disconnected to reality, to themselves, to the others, to the Universe, to Life to everthing. People have lost touch, grip, connection, SYNCHRONICITY. Today, when people have a few minutes or seconds of synchronicity with the rest of the world, they feel amazed. But before, before technologies and industrial world, it was always like that, it was a normal thing. BEFORE, PEOPLE WERE ALWAYS IN SYNCHRONICITY WITH THE WHOLE UNIVERSE and it was nothing so extraordinary because it was just obvious and normal, it was like that at every single moment of their life, at every awakened instant. At least, for some anciant and native nations, like the Mayans. But now, people live in stress, frustrations, self-guilty, gluttony and other sins, etc. People are blind and lost and don't know where they're going and they don't think and don't care about anything.

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