Conscious Living

I had those thoughs while walking outside some minutes ago... Under the sun, and the moon at the other extreme of the beautiful blue sky. Listenin to very loud trance-lounge arabic music in my headphones. With my fruits and greens in my bag.

Conscious Living
Conscious Breathing
Conscious Eating
For conscious health and conscious planet
Are you living consciously, or unconsciously ?
Do you think you're a conscious human being
if you're killing animals everyday?
Killing them by eating them
Eating meat, promoting slavery
and abuse of chickens and cows
by eating eggs and milk ?

Don't tell me you love and respect others,
Nature and Life,
don't tell me you're an environmentalist,
ecologist, pacifist
if you kill everyday, just for your pleasure
If you're conscious that eating dead meat
is taking the life of an animal
but you're still doing it
then you're cruel, egoist,
you don't care
If you never thought about it
then you're unconscious
Ignorance is not so bad
but you need to do something
to change it and stop it

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