Some Essential Products

  • Miso: at first it looks expensive and just tastes salty with no pros... But, it is only around 5-6$ for 250gr (22,50$/kg) and this little 250gr can last you for a while, because miso tastes VERY salty, so you rarely need to use a lot. Got all amino acids, besides, its got many health benefits. and prevents infection, diseases, etc. You can put it in anything: stews, soups, etc.
  • Other fermented soy products like Tempeh: much better for health than tofu! more expensive, though.
  • Bragg's Liquid Amino Acid soy sauce: made of soy amino acids, 0 calories, low sodium: much better than regular soy sauce or Tamari sauce! More complex taste also, doesn't taste just salty.
  • Hemp seeds: another complete protein. High in protein, not a common allergen, excellent in salads, cereals, soups... everything!
  • Vegan protein powders: hemp protein powder chocolate flavour, delicious with a banana in smoothie. Pumpkin seed protein powder: almost tasteless: replace some of the flour with this in muffins, cake recipes to add more proteins!
  • Rice paper: there are different size. The larger ones are perfect for sandwich rolls. It is raw and is good replacement to bread!
  • ALL fruits and vegetables ! cucumbers, grapes, cherries, romaine lettuce, oranges...
  • sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc: to replace meat, etc. Buy it raw, you can let them soak overnight. Grounded sesame seeds are ideal to thicken sauces.
  • dates: the soft ones like Medjool or others, not the hard, dried ones. Tastes so good, so sweet, perfect snack when you crave for sugar!
  • avocados: complete protein, higher amino acid profile than beef or eggs! Perfect in sandwich, vegan sushi, salads, raw guacamole, etc!
  • kale chips: the best brand and less expensive: solar raw. There are 2 delicious vegan flavours: super cheesy and ranch sour cream with hemp.
  • Ruth's Chia Goodness: perfect for raw breakfast morning cereals. Around 8$ most places but sometimes 5$ at rare places. Can be eaten cold or warm or added to recipes like stews, soups or cookies!
  • Lentills: soak overnight, and then its cooked in only 20 minutes! Healthy, delicious in many recipes!
  • vegan burgers: you can make them out of lentills, hemps seeds, beans, grounded seeds and nuts, add spices, herbs, salt: eat in sandwich, salads, etc.
  • vegan raw lemon bars: I make them out of chia, raw peanuts, raw cashews and sunflowers, fresh lemon juice and zest, add stevia, agave nectar, raisins, raw cocoa, everything you want! Healthy fast food!

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