Good deals in Montreal for Food

Raw nuts can be pretty expensive but at Tau on St-Denis corner Rachel you can buy raw cashews for 10,29$ per kilo. They're broken in half or smaller pieces so they're not whole cashews but it tastes the same anyway.
Fresh dates are expensive at most places. I remember just 1 or 2 years ago I could find 550 grams boxes for 2,50$ but now they're around 5,50$ everywhere. Some places its 4,50$, which is not to bad... But the other day I found out at La Vieille Europe on the Main (3855 St-Laurent) it is 4$ for 550 grams and they are mellow, tender, sweet frash dates.
Not far away from there, some more raw nuts: raw peanuts 90 cents per 100 grams, at Frenco (3895 St-Laurent)é
Also, Ruth's Chia Goodness, usually over 7$ everywhere is 5$ at Tutti Frutti, on Maisonneuve east, close to metro Beaudry.

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